Sierra Leone September 2014

Sierra Leone Sept 14

Ruth Vines Memorial School – Sierra Leone

The Ruth Vines Memorial School is situated in Mayenkineh, a suburb high up on a mountain in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The school has come into being through the prayers and dreams of Pastor Angel Kamara, along with his church, to serve the children of the local community.

Child cracking stonesThe community is a developing area, mostly made up of displaced people from the ten year civil war, which finished in 2002. The main income source of the community is the selling of stones, broken by hand, that can be used for building and road development. It is a hard manual work that the whole family is involved with. Many people in the area cannot afford to send their children to school, and also don’t want to send them as they lose their working ability.

The community school hopes to make sure that even the poorest children can have access to education, and therefore a hope for their future. The value of this is not measurable. The school is run by the church and teaches Christian principles. The community is very supportive of the school, and even the local Sheikh Is encouraging people to send their children there. There is hope that an official sponsorship programme will be set up in the future for the neediest children.

School building under constructionThe school is undergoing construction and they have built two new classrooms so that the capacity of the school can be increased. At the moment, the school is teaching at nursery and class one to three level, but would like to be able to expand to go through to class six in the future, which is the top level in the primary school system.

RV School 1The school currently has one hundred and fifteen children attending the school, ranging in age from three to thirteen years old. Almost all of the children attending the school have never been to school before, having been left out of education due to lack of opportunity. The aim is that the school will be able to have around two hundred children, with class sizes being around thirty.

IMG_1570CRY has been able to fund this project with a one off gift in order to pay for the furnishing and painting of the two classrooms which have just been built. New benches and tables are being built and the painting will start as soon as the rainy season is over. The rest of the money will be used to pay for the school fees of the children who cannot afford to attend school, but who the community have brought forward to us in the hope that they can be educated at the school.


It is a privilege to be involved in such a life changing work in Seirra Leone. Please pray for continued provision so many more children can attend school and have the future they deserve.

RV School 2


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